Deadline-July 31-NY-Annual-DHCR-Registrations

The last day to file annual apartment registrations with the New York State DHCR (Division of Housing and Community Renewal) is July 31st.  This year the DHCR Annual Registration deadline is extended to Monday August 1st because July 31st is a Sunday.

 Annual rent registrations are required for all Rent Stabilized Apartments in New York City and Housing Accommodations Outside New York City Regulated by ETPA.

 This is an arduous task that is best done on the internet.  Using Property Management Software designed for the New York market, this process can be simplified.  Starting in 2010, the DHCR has created an upload capability so that your data, if properly formatted, can be uploaded all at once. Uploading the data will increase efficiency and help eliminate errors in the mandatory apartment registration process.

 RISSOFT Property Management Software by Realty Information Systems facilitates this process with robust programs to manage the registration data, diagnose the data to satisfy DHCR requirements, and create the upload file.  RISSOFT also has extensive instructions for this entire process. 

We have been using the RISSOFT Property Management Software system for many years but this is the first year we began using the DHCR upload.  I can’t imagine doing the registrations any other way.  We love the RISSOFT system. says M&ZManagement Corp. of Bronx, New York.